HPP systems for PILOT production (just before real production)

HPP systems for pilot production

After testing we need to get bigger scale of our tests. After testing we should check if our technology and knowledge can be applied to bigger size of products, bigger pqackageges and bigger capacity of pilotage production.

To achieve best results of process after test and before big capacity production 

To achieve best properties on tested products we should test in different parameters. Normally we cannot do this in production scale.

We should get small and cheap test machine for develop technology and gain knowledge what is the best pressure curve.

HPP systems for pilot 1 HPP systems for pilot 2 HPP systems for pilot 3 HPP systems for pilot 4

We offer best HPP systems for laboratory (price / volume)

Model:  HPP30-100L
Working pressure 0 – 600Mpa
Power ca. 55 – 110 kW
Vessel Volume ca. 30L, 50L, 55L, 100L
Vessel Diameter ca. ID = Ø160mm – 300mm
System Size ca. 4500(L) x 1800(W) x 1600(H)
Vessel Direction Horizontal
Working Temperatures Room temperature to 80°C
Pressuring Time ca. Less than 2-3 min
Working Medium 5-20 C° Drinking water
Inner vessel material 316 Stainless steel
Cycle times per hour ca. 6-8 times / per hour
Delivery time ca. 2 – 3 months (TBC)

Find other sizes here: small/lab models or pilotage/medium models or production models or please send us individual request using email below:

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System is design to make average ca. 7 processes /hour. Vessel voulume can be filled by 50-80% of food net.
What product you wish to proceed, type of food?
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l/h, kg/h, kg per shift (8hours), how many shifts a day? Tons per year?
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